Make Your Video Call Best – Applying Filters on Video Call – New App

Make Your Video Call Best – Applying Filters on Video Call – New App

Hey Guys! In this article I am going to share with you that how can you apply beautiful filters in your Video Call….

Today in which article I am going to tell you such a thing which is searched a lot, it is asked a lot and if you do not even search, then you must definitely think about it, then what will I talk about?

So friends, yes, of course, whenever you make a video call to someone on WhatsApp, you are definitely not seeing your face clearly and in exactly the same way, your face is absolutely from the person you are talking to on the call.

So you can make your face very beautiful by adding filters to your video call in this way,you make your facr very cute that you can make by filters….

So friends, you must be thinking that how can you do this on WhatsApp, then yes you will not get any option on the official WhatsApp.

So if you want that you talk to anyone on video call on WhatsApp, you want your face to look beautiful, then you have to download another WhatsApp for this work, which I have started telling you.

So only with the help of that you can make your face look beautiful on video call …Because inside it you get filter options that you can apply on your face…

If you want to download this WhatsApp then I will tell you from where to download …

So you will be given a download link at the bottom of this article, by clicking there you can download this application very easily very easily.

Now there is a part inside it that I should also tell you that if you talk to anyone on a video call, then you did not hold your mobile straight, why did you have to hold your mobile by turning it upside down, only then your face is in front of him.

When you download and install this WhatsApp of yours, then after that if you want to make a video call on any chat, then you put a video call on it, when you make a video call, you will get a filter option below.

So a lot of effects will come in front of you here, you can select any of them, above you will not get a brightness button so that you can increase and decrease. …

When you try it and try it practically, then you will understand the message that how to use the amazing Function these options….

In this way, you will also have the option of giving a kiss, if you want, you can also put a speaker, you can also apply filters on your video call, you can set the brightness middle which suits you.

So very simple, very easy way, when you make a video call to anyone using this application, you will look very beautiful in front of you, you will look very cute.

It is not so difficult to run it, if your mobile is good, the camera of your mobile is good, then you will definitely find very good results in your video call…

Very simple, very easy way, you just have to download this one WhatsApp …

When you will use this WhatsApp now, you will definitely like it by using its more function features and options, it will be very useful.

You will be given the download link of this WhatsApp at the bottom of this article, you can download this WhatsApp by clicking on that link.

And there is no difficulty to run this WhatsApp as your official WhatsApp is exactly the same as it is also an application like WhatsApp …

So if you also want to look beautiful on your video call, then quickly click on the link and download this application and use it. .