Music Timer Apk – Turn Off Music

Music Timer Apk – Turn Off Music

Hey Friend’s in this article I am going to share with you an amazing application….

So friends, this application that I am going to tell you, I believe that this application is necessary in the phones of all of you.

Or those who listen to a lot of music, then it is very important to have a this application in their phone.

Now let me tell you what this application does what I want to tell you …

See, there are many of us who listen to music, listen to music on mobile, they listen to music before sleeping or do any work etc.

So many times it happens that we are listening to music and we have slept suddenly , we fall asleep and the headphones stay on our ears and it goes on.

In this way an application that I have started sharing with you, you have to download that application, now I will tell you from where you have to download that application.

You will be given a download link at the bottom of this article, by clicking on that link, you can download this application, apart from this, you can also write on the play store, you have to write that application ob the search bar of play store.

The App name is “Sleep Timer”….

What will happen with this application, do you have to set up this application, I will often tell you how to do that and what is the work of this application, first let me tell you …

When you set up this application, if you are listening to a song on mobile or listening to any thing, listening to a lecture or someone related to your educational purpose, if someone is listening to a speech on you or anything you hear like this.

So if you fall asleep while listening to music, and you fall asleep and you set the time in this application that after such a time automatically your music stops, then the time you have set will be at the same time.

So this is a very amazing application because it happens that if we are sleeping and we have headphones in our ears then it also makes us very weak mentally and it is very harmful for our health too.

If you want to take care of your health and you do not want any such bad thing to happen to you then you have to download the application and install this application in your mobile.

Now let me tell you how to set….

When you have downloaded this application, then you have to open this application, you have to give all the permissions of this application.

After Allowing these permission the interface will be in front of you….

A circle will be made in front of you in which you will have been given a time period, you can calculate by tracking that pointer key, you can put a scale, do you have to keep for how many minutes that if you fall asleep then after so many minutes your music will be turned off by the help of this App….

When you will set the minute then you will get a start button below, you have to click on that start button.

As soon as you click on the start button, this application will start doing its work and start counting the countdown, after how many minutes your music player will stop automatically….

So with the help of this lonely application, you can easily set up your music player.

So it is very simple to run this application, so if you were also looking for such an application, then hopefully you must have come to know about the application.

So Download this Particular and useful App..

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