New Call Setting || Latest New App Download

New Call Setting || Latest New App Download

Hey Guys In today’s article I am going to tell you the amazing and powerful Call Setting….

So friends what happens, when you talk to someone on the call, it also happens that you get a call from your other contact, do you not want to attend it, you do not want to receive …

Then you are left with only one option, do you cut his call, then it also happens that the person in front gets angry and feels bad too.

Today I will tell you such a setting, with the help of which your issue will be solved, it is a very amazing setting, you will just set that setting and then after that now whenever you want you will get a call from the person whom you want and whom you want.


What is starting, let’s see quickly, you have to read this article till the end, you will know quickly …

So friends, you have to download another WhatsApp for this work.

Now you must be thinking that from where you download, then I mean everything to you.

A download link will be given to you at the bottom of the article, by clicking on the link, you can download this WhatsApp very easily.

After downloading, you have to install and create an account in it, the way to create an account is exactly the same as you create an account on your official WhatsApp.

Well let’s go guys now let’s see which call setting to send that I am going to tell you …

So to set that setting, what you have to do in the screen and on the right side you will see three dots, you will click on these 3 dots. …

After clicking on the three dots, you will have the first option of settings, you have to click on it.

When you click on Settings, you will have an option of Privacy and Security, you have to click on it.

After coming to the option of Privacy Security, you will have an option in front of you whose name will be “Who can call me”

you have to click on it …

When you click on Who Can Call Me, you will get many options.
🔵my contact
🔵my contact except
🔵select contact

So friends, now we describe everyone one by one See when you select everyone, it will happen that every person on your WhatsApp can call you or not, all the contacts can call you whether it is saved in your contact or not unknown numbers can also call you ….

The second is My Contact, that is, from whatever contact you have in your mobile, you can call the same number, you cannot get the call of the number which is not saved in your mobile.

The third is My Contact Accept, which means that from your contact whom you have selected that he will not be able to call you, all other contacts will be able to call you.

Now fourth is select contact it means from whom the person will be able to call you whom you have selected ….

The last one and the fifth one is nobody, that is, no person can call you even after seeing WhatsApp, after selecting this option.

So friends, in this way, with the help of this option, you can select whomever you want, that that person can call you, who could not call you, that this fellow called you, relations, you got a call from anyone ….

So in this way, you can choose whose call you want to receive and whose call you do not like, you can select the option.

Tommy di hai did you understand it was very simple very easy way so if you were also looking for such setting then quickly download WhatsApp and set this setting .