Offline WhatsApp | Latest New App

Offline WhatsApp | Latest New App

Hey Guys In today’s article I am going to tell you that how can you show yourself to your friends , family member and other contacts that you are offline on WhatsApp …

So it will happen that your friends will feel whether you are offline on WhatsApp or your internet is offline …

This is a great application for those who run WhatsApp applications is also a kind of WhatsApp and it is very amazing

So Friends It mostly happens with you Because most of the time you are busy and you want to be online on internet but you want no one can message you or call you at this time.

You can’t find any other good application for this job .So the application that I am going to tell you is a very amazing application.

So for this work you have to download an application, by clicking on the link I will give you in the link at the bottom of this article, you can download this application.
You didn’t do much. All you have to do is download this application.

After downloading, you need to install this application in your phone.
Then you have to create your account on this application And the way to create an account is exactly the same as you create on your WhatsApp

So guys! You have to create an account on your mobile number, that is, you have to create an account on this application on the sim number that is currently in your phone So guys you must have understood ..,

After creating an account, You will get its home screen display which is of WhatsApp.

When you are on the home screen of your WhatsApp, above you will see an Airplane mode with Day and Night mode, you have to click on it …

What do you do now? Click on the Airplane option in this application What will happen when you click on it that your WhatsApp will be disconnected from internet …

All you have to do is do so much that after that you will not get any message from anyone and no one will be able to call you. Of course you have to stay connected to the internet.

You have to understand this option well in this application It was very simple very easy way and very easy setting

This means that when you click on this Airplane option, no one will be able to message or call you On WhatsApp …

And when you click on the option with the same signal for the second time, then this application will be normal again and then you will get whatever message or call you get.

So what you have to do is to download .,.A link will be given to you at the bottom of the article, you can install this application by clicking on the link

A lot of people are running this application on their phones these days and And one is taking great advantage of so many features and options

You too can benefit from this application. How to download it is very easy And when you use this application, you will love its more functions and options.

You can find the download link of this application here. So I have told you that by clicking on the link you can install this application.

You can download this application by clicking on the red download button below.

So it is rich that those who did not know about this setting, then they must have come to know and did not know the graph of this application, then you will definitely get a lot of benefit by using this application.

If you also wanted to know about any such setting, then download the application as soon as possible and take advantage of it and use it.