Online Notification Tracker Latest New App

WhatsApp Online Notification Tracker Latest New App

Hey Friends , In today’s article I am going to tell you if you want to be notified of any person comes online on WhatsApp …

So How can you do this setting ?

If you want to track your friend’s family member is online, you want that whenever your friend comes online on WhatsApp, And your phone immediately get notification ….
For that you do not have to go to WhatsApp and check whether your friend is online or not.

So much rest also want that as long as your friend stays online on WhatsApp and you keep getting its report. For example How many times did he come online in 24 hours, how much time he come online and at what time did he go offline?

Without any pay, how do you want to know that your friend reports… and how you want to track their WhatsApp without use your whatsapp, then I will tell you this in this article.

So you will get many applications for this work when you open your play store and you will search WhatsApp Last seen Tracker..
You will find many applications there …

So friends, “Yansa” application is the best to track any number on WhatsApp.

Its biggest feature is that using it, we do not need to do any kind of payment, there is no need to spend any money anywhere.

It’s absolutely free Application … So we have to pay a little bit for other applications that we will pay only then we will be able to do our own work?

If you want to track any number with the help of the Yansa application, then not one, not two, not three, not four, but you can track a lot of numbers simultaneously.

So this one application is enough to track the any number and If we talk about other applications, then we will have to pay one there, if it is possible to see the restrictions. that we can track this number.

The third thing I know is that I like the application, whose accuracy is very good…

So what you want to do is to download this application and under which article I will give you the download link of this application, you can download all the application very easily by clicking on the link there.


After downloading, when you will open this application for the first time, then its permission will come in front of you, you have to give all the permissions soon.

You have given its permission very well because if you do not give your permission properly, then this application will not work properly.

After giving permission, another type of display will come in front of you, then it will ask in front of you there will be a button of plus, then you have to click on the button of plus, still it will ask you whether you have to do Telegram number, WhatsApp or else

You have to click on WhatsApp and then it will ask you for the number, then you have to give that particular number , which you want to track, on which you want to keep an eye.


When did he come online and how long did he stay online You want to keep track of his every activity …

After entering the number, then a call will be sent here, that you have to click on OK on it, then whatever your number is, that means it will be registered in this application.

In this way, with the help of this application, you can track any number ….

Hope you have understood that now you do not have to worry about any kind, if you want track any number then you can easily track that number…

If someone is your friend or your family member, whoever you want to keep an eye on him and you want to keep track of his every activity, then you download this application.


I have also told you from where to download it, at the bottom of this article you will get the download link of the application, by clicking on that link, you can download this application by remembering a lot.


Hopefully, those who did not know about this then they must have come to know and those who were looking for this type of App. that they find an application with the help of which we can do this work, then hopefully they must have come to know about it….


So Download and keep your eye on them you love…


Take care of you…

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