online offline notification APK new setting

online offline notification APK new setting

Hey friend! Hope you all are well today I am going to tell you that Will if any person comes online on your WhatsApp then you will be notified that someone is online on your WhatsApp on your mobile …

And in the same way, even if the same person goes offline, you will still be notified that that person has gone offline.

You have to understand one thing inside this application, because that application does not work anymore, it does not work, many people said that the application is not opening.

Here’s where the issue of purchasing… Now free trial is not coming in this application, it is saying that you subscribe, only then you will allow to run this app…

So in today’s article, you will know about this issue, what is the problem of this app… and how to solve it.

So friends, the main point of the application that I am going to tell you is that you can add only one number inside this application, then you add only one number whose you want to go online offline notification.

So if you want to add more than one number then this application will ask you whether you subscribe and then you will be able to add more numbers in this app…

You will be given the link of this application at the bottom of this article, by clicking on the link, you can download this application very comfortably, after downloading, you have to open this application.

And then you have to give all its permissions ….First of all you have to make a Allow and after that the page in front of you, below you will have an agree button in front of you, you have to agree with it.

After clicking on the Agree button, you have to click on Accept …

Then another interface will appear in front of you, there you have to do OK …

After clicking on OK, you have plus sign on the right side on the corner of screen, you have to click on it, there is an option even after clicking on the plus and the page will in front of you… here will be three option, you have to click on second option is WhatsApp.

Then one more will be page in front of you, now here you have to keep one thing in mind that you should not put three in the beginning of whatever number you want to add here.

You have to enter the country code instead of three +92…. This is the country code of Pakistan … After that you have to add your number …

After that you have to enter the nickname …So in this way you have to add any number with the country code and then give it a nickname. ….

After this some interfaces will come, you have to press OK. And have to come back…

The number you have added in this way, now whatever comes online, you will be notified and whenever it is offline, you will also be notified. ….

But this is a main point that you can add only one number in this application.

In this way, with the help of this application, if you want to track anyone’s number, want to get offline notification of anyone, when he came online, when he became offline, then you can use this application.

So without cost you can use this application very easily ….

So friends used to want an application that you can get, with the help of which you can do this work, then hopefully you must have come to know about the application.

If you also have any such number which you want to get offline notification then you quickly download this application and use this application ….

It may have come that this article of mine will be very useful for you guy.”