Online Offline Notify WhatsApp App

Online Offline Notify WhatsApp App

Hey this In today’s article you will know about an amazing trick which will be very useful to you…

Friends, as we all use WhatsApp, a lot of our people use WhatsApp, family members use it, so we have such a concern that we want that we know about someone that he or she is on WhatsApp.

So in this way we get the notification from itself that this guy is online night now and also tell us when he is offline…..

In this way, we get a tracking system that with the help of an application, we track anyone’s WhatsApp that when that person became online in that account, when that person became offline, we are notified about it.

So in which article today you will know about this only because this is a very much asked topic, many people are looking for this thing that they try to support many such applications, they download from play store.

In this way, if we watch on YouTube, then a lot of YouTuber has been told in video, in which they are telling that this guy can come online at this time, because of this application we can find out.

In this way, I am going to tell you a very great hack that in which way you can also know about when this friend of yours is online and when you are offline then how can you get notification, then I will also give you one app.

So what do you have to do like if you watch a video anywhere, there are many videos in which those people tell about many applications that with the help of this application we can track its WhatsApp, track that friend’s WhatsApp.

You have to watch all the video and whatever the application is telling you and that application has some application paid and free trials have been given somewhere, then you have to write the names of all the applications on a page.

So you have to download the application one by one and you have to take advantage of the free trial that is inside them.

Because for a few hours you get a free trial in one application that when its free trial is over, you have to download another application.

And in the same way, you have to use the free trial of other applications as well.

If you go to many applications like this, then you have to take advantage of their free trial, if you have to use them, then in this way you will spend a lot of time…..

In this way very easily you can break anyone’s WhatsApp for free without any cost, you will not have to pay, you will not get anything anywhere or in some applications it happens, do I have to look for ads …

So if you also want to track anyone’s WhatsApp whether it is your friend, your enemy, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or your child or whatever you want to track his WhatsApp want to know when he is online …..

If you want to know about them then you must use these applications.

The name of an application that I will tell you is that “WhatsLog” the download link… it will be given to you at the bottom of this article , by clicking on the link, you can also download all the applications.

And apart from this, what I have told you about all the applications that will be told to you anywhere on YouTube, then you can try those applications one by one by downloading them from the Play Store.

So hope you have understood that it was very simple, very easy way, then definitely try it.