Read Delete Message On Android – Latest New App

Read Delete Message On Android – Latest New App


Hey Guys in today’s article I am going to tell you that how can you read or recover your deleted messages on your android phone …..

You might be in situation where for some reason All your Messages have deleted…. and if you have any android device you know that it’s pretty hard to you know retrieve a lot of the information on iPhones….

They actually do good job at being able to retrieve a lot of data but, if you delete all your messages here and let that freak you out there are still a couple on how to retrieve that specific information …..

Now you want them to check and to see … You know you never know if there’s any backup so you have ever made on your devices ….


You know whether You have a Samsung LG or Google Pixel….

Sometimes there are some apps that do falls backup these devices….. And if you actually have it Synced up with your Computer somehow, You might still have a lot of data a lot of that information On those specific devices so you want to check see if any of those other phones or any of other desktop or whatever have any of those messages, text messages whatever that you have sent to other people ….

If they do that’s great. If you don’t there could be a slight problem that’s totally Ok…


that’s just the first step now we will have to see another thing you can do is text those other people…


You know be able to text them And say Hey Can you send me those text messages that we had before….


and if you have good friends then they might be able to send them over if not and that could probably be a problem too….

Now this next one is a very very interesting one…. Because I never knew about it but apparently there is a website messages cool calm which is the actually a website which Google made ..

And it allows you to text people straight from your you know from the internet browser to other people ….

if you have an Android device , now before you go and go on their website and login .. If you haven’t used it then you’re good…

and if you have never used it and obviously you don’t really need to hear this but before you go in that website…. You want to put your phone in airplane mode .. turn off Wi-Fi turn off everything… because it will sync up with your phone in the main time ….

so you want to turn off your Wi-Fi and put your phone on airplane mode and then you want to go on that website and ones you go in there …

You will be able to probably and hopefully find all those messages and everything….. that were deleted if you are able to then you’re good and if not then obviously you probably have never use it before and then you never synced up with the messages to begin with so that could probably be a problem in and of itself so those are probably the three main ways that you know as realistically …


if you probably get a lot of those text messages back but there is an alternative way … which it does probably require…


You know a little bit of you know understanding of how phone work and you know being able to go into the file store and all that stuff so I am not able to explain this article because it is a long process….


So hopefully you have understood that how can you recover your deleted messages in your Android phone?

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