Read Deleted Message

(Read Deleted Message)



Hey guys In this article I will tell you that how can you read deleted messages of your friends or of any contact of you on Whatsapp…..



So friends, it happens that not all of us use WhatsApp and WhatsApp is used all over the world, WhatsApp is used to send different types of pictures for calls, for messaging, we are the people who are WhatsApp.



So in today’s era WhatsApp has become a big need for us.



So if we see there, it mostly happens on WhatsApp that we have a friend, someone contact messages us on WhatsApp and before we see it, he deletes the message before we read it.



So in that case we don’t know what message he had written, what he had written, in that we have to spy till a meaning that what he wrote in that message , What happened that he had to delete it.



In this our problem increases and we want to know what he wrote in the message, so if this happens to you too, then in today’s article I will tell you how you will be able to read that deleted message.



Very simple, very easy way, just read this article completely, what you have to do, you will know in a very simple way.



For this work you will need an application, that application is a WhatsApp and I will give you the download link of that WhatsApp at the bottom of this article.



You can easily install this WhatsApp on your mobile by clicking on the link. There is no difficulty, it is very safe WhatsApp, there is no data out anywhere, I am also using it very well …..



After downloading, you have to create an account on it and create the account exactly like you create an account on official WhatsApp ….




After creating the account, now let us see how you have set this setting so that you will be able to read your friend’s deleted messages as well.



Such a message is causing your trouble, you want to know who wrote what in that message and what happened that it has to be deleted.



So what you have to do is to set this setting, you will see three dots on the right side corner, you have to click on it.



After clicking on the three dots, many options will appear in front of you, you have to go to the first option settings.



After coming to the option of Settings, here you will get the option of Privacy and Security, you have to click on this Privacy and Security option.



After clicking on the option of Privacy Security, you will scroll down and you will get an option “Anti Deleted Message” it will be disabled you have to enable it ..,


What will happen after enabling this, friends, now whatever message will you send on WhatsApp and if you are busy somewhere and if he deletes his message before you read it before you see it …



So his deleted message will also show to you, it will be on your WhatsApp, you will be able to read it.



In this way, with the help of this application, you will be able to read the deleted message of any contact for your friend on WhatsApp, even if he deletes it, it gets deleted from him, he will understand that maybe that message has been deleted from you.



But he will not know that you have set this setting that you will also read his deleted message …



Very simple, very easy way, you just have to download this WhatsApp, I will give you the link at the bottom of this article, download it again from there and enjoy more functions and features of this WhatsApp.