Set Live Tunnel Wallpaper on Your Smartphone Screen

Set Live Tunnel Wallpaper on Your Smartphone Screen

Hey Buddies, In today’s article I am going to tell you How you can apply live tunnel wallpaper on you smartphone home screen and lock screen….

So friends, now when you apply these type of live wallpaper, then you believe that your mobile will look so beautiful, so outstanding, so much Amazing…. that you will have great fun using the mobile to run your mobile.


very simple very easy way ….

Those who about this… They can leave this article and those who do not know about it … They should get this article till end.. So As soon they will know about it….


There is an application and with the help of that application you will get a wallpaper that you must have seen in many videos also.

And how you have to download these wallpapers and how to set these wallpapers in your phone, you must have gone that soon you get the wallpapers and you use them in your phone.

Here I will tell you three applications in which there will be 3 wallpapers, apart from wallpapers, you can also use them in your keyboard i.e. you can do two-in-one work.


Now it comes, Where do you have to download these applications?

So Guys you will get the download links of these applications at the bottom of this article, you have to download these applications by clicking on these links.

The first application name is “Cool Wallpaper”….

What to do now, after downloading the first application, you have to open it, when you open it, it will be a little loading, so you have to wait a bit.

Then this one page in front of you with many options where “apply theme” will come, but when you click, it will ask you to set keyboard’s wallpaper…For applying wallpaper, then you have to tap on Set Wallpaper…

Here you have to understand one thing, when you click on set wallpaper to apply any wallpaper, then all the wallpapers will come in front of you, And below all the wallpapers will be written under Unlock, then you have to unlock them by clicking on unlock. and downloading some thing to apply…

So this task is not very difficult, then you have to download some things and unlock your wallpaper, hope you have understood.

After unlocking these wallpapers you will click on apply then your wallpaper will be applied then you will see very beautiful your homescreen then ….

Just then after that you can set your wallpaper as you want to set some settings in front of you, you can adjust these setting as per your desire.

In the same way, I will also give you the link of the second application, by clicking on it, you have to open it, when you open it, you will get to see it in the same way as the first application.

In this way, you have to unlock all those wallpapers and then apply, but here you will get to see other types of themes which you will like very much.

The display of both these applications is very similar, their settings are similar, when you use them so much, then you will know for yourself how to run them.


So here is an application which is third application , whose link I will also give you at the bottom of this article, when you use it too, it is the same from setting in that too… you will get to see the display in the same way and but it was new to you.

Hope those who want to put this type of wallpaper on their home screen and their mobile looks good while playing their mobile looks outstanding then hope they will like the application and you will like the Increase Wallpaper & themes…

The best part about these applications is that you can use them as a theme keyboard, and applying them also on the mobile home screen and lock screen…

And the best thing about it is that it is very easy to run the application, when you install and use it, you will understand yourself how to run the application.

If you guys will use this application then it will be very nice if you guys use the application then download and enjoy this application …


Take care of you…

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