Top 4 Android Apps you Must Know about that

Top 4 Android Apps you Must Know about that

Hey Guys In Today’s article I am going to tell you that Which 4 applications are most important and useful for Android phones…

Your reaction after reading this article is going to be very surprising, you will say that this smartphone of ours can also do this work. ..???why we didn’t know …

So what is this application that will make your smartphone next level, read the article till the end, you will know ….

So let’s start friends, let’s talk about the first number of application……

The name of the application which is on the first number is “COUNT THINGS” let’s talk what are the benefits of this application….And how it is will surprise you ….

By using this application, you will have the benefit that you can count for any kind of product….

Like friends, you people have many products and you cannot count them, then with the help of this application you can easily count for those products in your mobile, in few seconds…..

Simple whenever you will install this application and only after that application will ask you to connect with google account …

You have to turn on Guest mode…After letting this work, two options will come in front of you, either you can pick up the photo from the gallery or you can capture picture means live….

If there is such a picture lying in your gallery which has many things inside and want to do count these things,…

Then you can select from gallery or if you want to do live capture any photo or picture you want to do so….

If you have a lot of things and you want to count them, then if you can not count them manually, then a lot of time will be consumed. this application is best to fulfill this purpose.


So friends, now let’s talk about the second number of the next application, the name of the application is “GLIND FINDER”…


Now what is the work of this application, see friends, if you stay in any hotel, you know that whatever is there in the hotel, the hidden cameras are set….

Hidden cameras are also set in the world’s most trusted hotel. There are many such big hotels which are trusted but they have also leak those videos of many people.

In such a situation, you are in danger that if someone is making our video or if someone is not capturing our video, then this application will help you a lot.

By using this application, you can identify and if you have hidden camera somewhere then you can also recover it.

For example, if you stay in any hotel, then after that you have to first scan the entire room to the entire hotel, it is to know where the cameras are hidden cameras…With the help of this application you can very easily locate these camera ….

Any application will tell you if there is any hidden camera set anywhere in that hotel…

Now let’s talk about the next application, friends, this is the third application, its name is “GRUBAL”.

Look friends, if you have not taken such an expensive mobile, how much you have taken a good mobile.

If you do not have a good wallpaper application inside your mobile, if the good wallpaper is not set, then it means that your mobile is useless.

So what you have to do is to install this amazing Grubal Application ….

In this App, you will get very good wallpapers, you will get amazing wallpapers, which will make your mobile very beautiful and your mobile will also feel very good for you to use.

You will get to see HD Wallpapers, you will get to see 3D Wallpapers …Which will completely change the look of your mobile if you use this application …


I liked the application very much, it has very unique wallpapers, you also like it very much, what if you will use this application


Let’s talk about the application which is at number four, the name of this application is “Hitech Launcher” Basically it is a launcher application.


If you use this launcher then it will completely change the look of your mobile and I liked the best thing about this launcher ,

In this, you get the option of different customization, with the help of which if you want to change the theme, then you can also change the theme of your mobile.

You get to see different colors in this launcher, which can be change.

Apart from this, if you want to change the fonts., then you can also do that, apart from this, if you want to hide any app , then you can also hide it.

The look of this launcher is very amazing, so I liked it a lot, so I thought that it should also be kept in the list.

So Guys use these application now, hope you will like these application very much… and you will definitely be very happy to use this application in your mobile.


So Download and enjoy