Upload 5 minute Status – Latest New App – WhatsApp

5 minute WhatsApp Status – Latest New App – WhatsApp


Hey Guys! In this article I am going to tell you that how can you post 5 min status in your WhatsApp….

Because usually it happens that many people think that we can put only 30 seconds status on WhatsApp, then we put 30 seconds only.

But it is not so, friends, we can also put a status of 5 minutes on our WhatsApp, but if you put it, then only 30 seconds is shown to the front.

Why is it that if we put 5 minutes, then why do people show 30 seconds, I will also tell you about that, so if you want to put 5 minutes status on your WhatsApp, then how can you do that?

Then in the setting that I will tell you, after that if you have set a status of 5 minutes, then your friends will have a show of 5 minutes only.

Friends, what do you guys do….You want the setting that comes on the official WhatsApp, but now we do not get any such setting on its official WhatsApp.

For this work, you guys have to download another application and that application is only WhatsApp, the link will be given to you at the bottom of this article.

So by clicking on the link you can download this WhatsApp very easily.

Ok so friends, when you download this WhatsApp and install it, you will create an account on it, then if you want, do you want to put a 5 minute status on this WhatsApp, not 30 seconds, then what did you do for that setting?

You will be on the home screen of your WhatsApp, on the right side you will see 3 lines, you have to click on it

When you click on free lines, the first option will be in front of you Setting option, you have to go to that setting .

After coming to the setting option, you have to go to the home screen option…

When you will go to the home screen option, you will get a status option here, you will click here …

When you click on the status then you have to scroll down a bit, when you call now, here you will get an option 5 minutes status …

It is written under this 5 minutes status…
A note will be written below it, you have to understand that note, then only this option will work, even after enabling this option, this option will not work.
Now you will be able to see what is written in the note, it is written here ..

Now let me tell you the note, it is written here that if you have this WhatsApp status and you have put this status for 5 minutes, then only 5 minutes of status will be given to them, who will have this same WhatsApp.

Other wise, they will have only 30 seconds status, they will have 30 seconds status only.

So hopefully you have understood that in which way you can set 5 minutes status while in this WhatsApp.

So if you only want that you can post 5 minutes status on your WhatsApp, then you have to download this application by clicking on the download link you will find below this link.

After downloading, now you can easily put 5 minute status on your WhatsApp.

And if you want your friends to get 5 minutes of your status for 5 minutes, then you have to get your friends to download the same WhatsApp.

So hopefully you must have understood that it was very simple, very easy way and this chatting would have also become very clear, it is also very easy to understand which settings you have.

If you were also looking for some such setting, with the help of which you can put Jitesh on your WhatsApp for 5 minutes, then quickly download this WhatsApp and enjoy this WhatsApp