Voice Call Recorder | New Application for WhatsApp Users

Voice Call Recorder | New Application for WhatsApp Users


Hey Guys in today’s article I am going to tell you that how can you record your call on Whatsapp..


It happens that the answer is talking to anyone on the call, then the next buddy comes to know that means a warning message comes that his call is being recorded.



And as soon as you stop your call record, then again the warning message goes to the next person that the call which was being recorded has stopped.



So this is an issue of uncountable people that if we want to record the call of anyone there is a fear of the next guy turning back then we want to record that call.



What are these important things, we want to keep a backup of them so that we can need them when the time comes. So that fight can be avoided, then in which article today I will tell you the solution of something, how can you record your audio call….



So that whenever you record someone’s audio call, the next person does not know that you are recording his audio call, for this you do not have to root your phone at all, do not do any custom recovery…


Here you have to download an application to record the call on WhatsApp, the name of that application is “Record WhatsApp Call”….




The downloading of this application will be given to you at the bottom of the article, if you go to the search of play store and write record WhatsApp call, then you will get this application.



So after downloading the application, you have to open it, when you open this application, you will get a little permission for this application, which you have to give its permission. …



You should not miss any of its permissions because if you miss any permission then this application will not work properly with you.


In all these permissions, you will also have an option that if this application will be disabled in your phone, then you have to enable it from your phone.



Here an interface will appear in front of you, which will tell you that you have not recorded any call here, so if you do not want to use this app, then on the left side you will see the button, you have to click on that application from here.



That is, if you do not want to use this application for some good or for a few days, then you should use this application. Now here you will get a setting option …



From here you can select how you want to record your call, then all these options will appear in front of you, in which way you can select the method you want to record your call.


Here you can also get the option of security, that is, if you want to put security on your recording, which is the call record, there is a password, there is a pattern which you want to put, then you can also put that.



That is, obviously if you are recording a call, then it can also be a personal call, then you can also set privacy etc.



Here you will get to see another option, that is, if you record any call, it will be saved in your Google account or it will be saved in your drop box, then whatever you select, your call is from there.



After setting this setting, now you will get a call from any number or if you call yourself from any other mobile, then you will start recording that call and that call will start happening in your mobile.



So hope you have understood that how you can save your audio call of WhatsApp….



So it is very simple, very easy way, you just have to download this application, the download link of this application will be given to you at the bottom of this article.

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