Whats Tracker Latest Apk – Online Offline Notification

Whats Tracker Latest Apk – Online Offline Notification

Greeting guys! In this Article you will know an amazing trick about tracking somebody’s WhatsApp…..

By the way, friends, you get many such applications, even if you look at the Play Store, you will find them there too.

And if you go to Google and write on Google that you want to track someone’s WhatsApp, then you will find many applications on Google also.

With the help of which you can find out whether your friend is currently online or is currently offline, you can know all this about him.

So you should also know that whatever application is there, whether it is on play store or whether it is on Google, all of them give you free trial.

What does free trial mean, there is a time limit, you can use that application only till that limit, after that that period ends.

And after that that application is not beneficial for you, does not work for you …

All such applications have only one time limit, either it runs for a month, it runs for a week or it runs for a few days, it runs for a few hours and after that their time ends.

Today the application will tell you, it will also tell you very easily whether this friend of yours or this contact came online and when it went offline, it will also give you a free trial on WhatsApp ….

You just have to do a small work, you will be given a link at the bottom of this article, you can download this application by clicking on that download link and very easily you can find out if your friend is any family member is on whatsapp , When he is online and when he was offline….

This application that I am telling you will also give you a free trial and you can also take advantage of it.

Just download and install this application, after installing, when you open this application, you have to give some of its permissions.

After giving permission, what you have to do is to add that number in this application or it is your friend, your boyfriend is your girlfriend, whoever it is, you have to add the number whose number you want to track WhatsApp.

When you add his number, then you will know very easily, this application will give you notification that when your friend or family member came online, when he went offline, everything happened will provide you his details.


In this way you will get many applications from play store also from google but this application which I have used myself, which I liked very much, it will also give you free trial, you will be able to use it with for a few hours but I thought this application may be beneficial for you….

So if you also want, do you want to know about any of your friends, when they have come online on WhatsApp, when they have gone offline, then you can also know with the help of this application which is a very easy application.

So much so that all the applications that are there are all trees, just they give you a free trial for a few hours, so this application which I am telling you, this free trial is also available to you.

So it is very simple, very easy way to run this application, you must download this application and take advantage of this application.

Because the way I used the application and this application was beneficial for me, then I thought why not share it with you guys too.

So you will find the download link at the bottom of this article, you can download it from there.

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