WhatsApp Android Latest New App And Hidden Feature

WhatsApp Android Latest New App And Hidden Feature

Hey Guys ! In this Amazing and Useful article I am going to share with you the WhatsApp Feature which is most useful and amazing ….

We all use this App is WhatsApp …

All the people all over the world use WhatsApp, but most people mostly do chatting on WhatsApp, send pictures, send videos, etc.

Apart from this, WhatsApp is also used for business work, which is a very popular application, it is a very used application.

There is hardly any person in the world who does not know about WhatsApp because it is such an application that is present in everyone’s Android.

By this we also get some kind of benefits, through this we are all over the world, anyone is any of our friends, be it any of our sisters, brothers or any of our relatives, we can talk to them through this.

And the biggest thing about this application is that in this we only need internet, we do not have to make any kind of payment etc. It is absolutely free. …

In this application, we also get to see many features, many options are also available.

The most popular application is WhatsApp.

And a lot of people try to find a setting in the WhatsApp that makes it more fun to run. And we download a lot of WhatsApp what from chrome but what we do from chrome the WhatsApp is downloaded is local WhatsApp ….


And the WhatsApp we download from Chrome, we get more features in it, we get more options.
In the WhatsApp you will find a lot of options that you can do very easily.

But still a lot of people try to find an option in the WhatsApp to see more features in their WhatsApp. So in this way a lot of people wish that they got more functions and features in WhatsApp, so that WhatsApp is loading, it introduces new things from time to time.

And today I will tell you about one such application here which will allow you to run a lot of features in WhatsApp. I hope you don’t know that application …

So if you want to go about that application, then you should read this article completely, you will know very soon.

And hope that WhatsApp will also be very useful for you …

All you have to do is download a link below. You can download the application by clicking on it.

This application will benefit you a lot. You have to create an account in this application. And the way to create an account in it is exactly the same as if you download WhatsApp from the Play Store and create an account on it, this is also the way to create an account on WhatsApp.

After setting up this application in your phone, you will be able to do everything you want in this application.

You can download it by clicking on the download button below and install it on your phone. And hope that when you use this WhatsApp, you will like its more functions, features and options, they will be very useful for you.

In this way, if you download WhatsApp from Play Store, then you have to download this WhatsApp which I am sharing with you guys and you have to use it on a very good display inside it.

Apart from this, you will get a lot of private things inside it, which you can also secure your WhatsApp, in this you will get a separate option to lock your WhatsApp with a separate screen lock, lock any contact to any chat.

so hopefully this article is very useful for you….