WhatsApp New Home Screen Display Styles

WhatsApp New Home Screen Display Styles

Hey guys I am going to tell you that how can you change the display style of your home screen on WhatsApp….

So my friends, we all use WhatsApp and everyone does WhatsApp amazing and seeing the same style, a person becomes fed up and he wants to see some news styles in WhatsApp.

So in today’s article, I have brought such a new style for you people, which you can apply on the home screen of your WhatsApp.

So if you also want that your WhatsApp should be changed at all, it looks very good, looks very beautiful, then you have to set this setting in your WhatsApp ….

So what do you have to say, for this work you have to download an application, although it is a WhatsApp that you have to download.

Now you guys must be thinking that from where you have to download, then let me tell you that too.

A download link will be given to you at the bottom of the article, by clicking on that download link, you can easily download this WhatsApp application and install it in your mobile.

So friends, when you download this WhatsApp by clicking on the link, then you have to install it and then create an account on it.

And the way to create an account will be again the same as you create an account on your official WhatsApp, in the same way you have to create an account with official WhatsApp


After creating an account, you will come to the home screen of your WhatsApp, you will have exactly the same display in front of you, the same home screen display that you often see on WhatsApp

If you want that this set by default display of yours should be changed, it looks very stylish, looks very beautiful, then now you have to set a setting which I have started telling you.

If you want to change the home screen display of your WhatsApp, then for this setting, you will get three dots on the right side, on the corner you have to click on it.

After clicking on the three dots, you have to first option go to the settings ….

When you click on the settings, you will have the option of a home screen in front of you, then you have to click on it and select it.


After selecting on the option of home screen, you will have an option in front of you, you have to click on that Header in the name of Header.

When you click on Haider, another page will open in front of you.

Right now here you will get another option named Advance Home Screen Style ….

So you have to click on it, when you click on it, many styles will come in front of you.

Now from here you can select and use what you want, you can check one by one all, which one you like and set it on the home screen display of your WhatsApp ….

It will also give you a preview, let you know that after setting it up it will look like your WhatsApp, then you can select what you like

In this way, while in this WhatsApp, you can change the display of your WhatsApp home screen in a very good way and make it beautiful.


So when you change it in this way, you will also like to use your own WhatsApp and you will also like its functions and features.

In this option, you will get many types of styles, if you find many types of people, then you will change the look of your WhatsApp.

So rich, would you have liked this article, if you liked the article, then by clicking on the link, download this WhatsApp and enjoy all these styles ….