WhatsApp Offline Chat Amazing Cool New Application

WhatsApp Offline Chat Amazing Cool New Application

Hey guys in this article we are going to talk about Like before a lot of people wanted us how to freeze our last seen on whatsapp ???

In today’s article, I will tell you such a setting so that neither you will be able to freeze your last seen nor you will be able to get an always online status….

I will tell you such a setting by which your online status will be completely empty. Of course you are online on whatsapp you message someone, type message, your friend will not know whether you are typing on whatsapp or what is the last seen of you or you are online , you are offline ..,.

To understand this setting what you have to say, you have to read the article completely till the end, you will know very soon what setting you have to do.

Whenever you are online on WhatsApp, your online status is shown above to your friend, if you are typing then typing is seen above. Apart from this, if you are offline then your last scene is visible to your friend. In today’s article , I will tell you such a thing that if you are online, while typing, your friend will not see anything written in that place, that place will look completely empty.

For this work you will need the application and the download link of that application will be given to you at the bottom of this article, you can download it very easily from there.

After downloading, you have to open the application from the link, you have to allow all its permissions on the App…

Then the interface will come in front of you, you will have the option of offline chat No last seen, you have to click on it.

Here offline chat is disabled so you have to enable it ….Then you have to go to back after going to back, you will get another option, Lets Do this, you have to click on it ….

Then you will have a chat button in front of this application, you will click on it, all your contacts will come. Now you have to select that contact in this chat, whom you want your online status to not show.

When you have selected the contact then you got a popup window of OK I understand, you have to do it OK.

Now what you have to do, whatever you have to message, you have to reply, you have to give it by coming to this chat in this application.

So we will be visible offline to the next guy, he will not show our online status because we are using this offline chat application.

When you will use this application for the first time, it will ask you for a lot of permissions, so you have to set all the permissions on it.

Why can you go offline on WhatsApp by enabling your offline chat with the help of this application in this way?

Very simple, very easy way, you must use the application and you must take advantage of this application.

When you will use this application and from here you will reply message or message to anyone , then you will show your contact to your friends offline.

Just what you have to do, if you have a message, then you do not open your WhatsApp application, but you have to come to this application and on this application you have to see that message and reply from here.

Tommy, do you understand, it was very simple, very easy way, if you were looking for such an application that why you can make yourself offline on WhatsApp, then hopefully you have come to know about that application ….

And when you use this application then you will also find it very easy to run this application which is very simple and very easy way.

So download the application and use this application from today and start yourself offline forever …