WhatsApp Plus Latest New Mod App

WhatsApp Plus Latest New Mod App


Hey friends in this article I am going to tell you that how can you use Pink WhatsApp ….


So friends, in today’s article, I will tell you what if you want to use Pink WhatsApp and you are looking for it, you want to download it and you want, where do you download it and how to use it …And how to set it in your mobile ….Today we will talk about this, it is a very important article, you must read this article till the end…



So friends what do you do if you have pin quote truth then I will give you one advice that you do not download pink whatsapp because what is pink whatsapp first let me tell you that …



pink whatsapp is an application which is not official it is local application which is not saved for you in your mobile so what you have to do is not download pink whatsapp but you have to use its alternate …



How to use Aditya Alternate, I will tell you the same in today’s article, just what you have to do is to download an application which is a WhatsApp only.



Now where will you get that WhatsApp, I will give you a link at the bottom of this article, by clicking on the link, you can install that WhatsApp in your mobile very easily.




After installing the application on your mobile, you have to create an account on it, just like you create an official WhatsApp account, you have to give the number, you have to give your name, the verification code will come, if you have to give the verification code, then your will be verified on WhatsApp.



So in this way you have to check your WhatsApp on your mobile. So if you want to use the graph of Pink WhatsApp, then who is there but you have 3 lines, if you want to use the alternate of Pink WhatsApp, if you want to use a message on Pink WhatsApp, then I will give you an alternate for them in this WhatsApp.



After clicking on 3 lines, the first option is the setting, you have to come to it.



Free yes but you will get an option of theme store, you have to click on it Here in the theme store, you will have many themes, which will be online as well as local, you have to click on the theme online.



Here you will see a little loading in front of you, The themes that you have will be loaded in front of you …


Here you will get a pink color theme, what you have to do is to click on it. When you click on it, then you have a download button below, sir will come, you have to download this theme in your mobile by clicking on the download.



Then in the same way, you have to set this theme on your WhatsApp, what will happen that you will get the same as Pink WhatsApp ….



Then you will go to the home screen of your WhatsApp and see that your entire WhatsApp will be pink and you will also open the chat screen, then your chat screen will also turn pink.



In this way the look of the whole WhatsApp will be changed and it will become a very cute pink color.



In this way, with the help of this application, you can very easily make Pink WhatsApp your WhatsApp.



So you do not need to use Pink WhatsApp separately because it is not secure, only if it is not, then you can install this application by clicking on the link which will be given at the bottom of the article. And it would be better if you use this application …