WhatsApp Smart Tool New Android App – Amazing Cool Feature For WhatsApp

WhatsApp Smart Tool New Android App – Amazing Cool Feature For WhatsApp



Hey Guys In This Article I’m Going To Tell You That’s Amazing Cool Features About WhatsApp ….



So friends, in which article today I will tell you such a feature of WhatsApp which will make you happy which will solve many of your problems.



See, I will tell you about the official WhatsApp because many people say that they know a lot about local WhatsApp and there are many such features available there, that’s why the man thought that in today’s article I will tell you.




Now what is that feature, what is the option, what is the problem that is for you people and whose solution I have brought in today’s article, then the problem is, are there some of your messages which are very important which is deleted by you…..



So how can you recover these deleted messages?



For this work you will need an application and the name of that application is from NotiSave and I will give you the downloading of this application at the bottom of this article, from there you download this application.



After downloading the application, when you open it, you will get many permissions in front of it, you have to allow it.



Then after that there are some settings of this application which you have not set DP, what you have to do is there is a setting option on this right side, you have to click on it.



Here there will be an option Block notification, you have to click on it, when you click on it, then an option will come in front of you i.e. all the apps i.e. the number of applications on your mobile that they will come in this application.



All these applications will be enabled, it is your choice, by disabling all of them and then you can nipple the applications you want to enable as per your wish.


Now if you come to WhatsApp and you have a chat, there are many messages in it and if you delete any message or the next person deletes all those messages or any message ….



If you come back to the application, then your messages will be lying in the application that I have told you, just what you have to do on this application, before you talk to anyone, you have to set this application in your mobile.



After that anyone talks to you on the message or you have many messages from people as soon as you talk to anyone on the message if you delete or the next person deletes this messages ….



So you do not need to panic at all because you will get all the messages that you have in that application.



It also happens, do messages get deleted by mistake as soon as they are deleted from you by the next person, they are some important messages and you come to backup those messages in any way, then this is an application based application.



With the help of this application, you can recover your messages with the help of this application if you have any important messages that have been deleted.



Hope you have understood that you just have to do the work that the link will be given to you at the bottom of this article, from there you install this application in your mobile and set this application in your mobile.



Then whatever messages you have, whatever your important data will be, I am a message that if there is anything of any use, then it will all be saved in this application of yours, it will be secure.



So hopefully you will like the application very much, so if you were also looking for such an application, then quickly download the application by clicking on the link and use this application.

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