Who is Online On WhatsApp | Latest New App

Who is Online On WhatsApp | Latest New App


Hey guys! In this article I am going to tell you that how can you know that who is online on Whatsapp….



So friends, we all use WhatsApp and many people know which application is WhatsApp, so now we have a lot of contacts saved on WhatsApp who are our friends, family members and we want to know that …


Which contacts are you online and who are offline, so how do we know all this, I will tell you in today’s article…



Very simple, very easy way, just what you have to do, you have to read this article till the last, you will know quickly.



So friends, if you want to know who among your contacts is online, then you have to download an application for this work.



The download link of the application will be given to you at the bottom of this article, by clicking on the link, you can install this application in your mobile very easily.



So let us now talk about how to set this setting in this application so that you can see your friends online status …



How can you know who among your contacts is online and who is offline, so for this setting, you have to download this application and then open this application.




After opening, many options of this application will come in front of you, you don’t not go to any option, you have to clicked on the first option with the name of ” Power Features”….



After coming to the first option, you will have a lot of options here, if you want, you can check all these options because all these options can give you a lot of benefit.




So at last you will get an option ” Who Is Online”…. Beta is also written next to it, you will see (beta) written in brackets.



Now this is the main point which is to be understood that if you are a joint member of the Beta tester program then only this option will work with you.



So if you are not growing in the joint of Beta tester program, then quickly join the Beta tester program by watching the video on YouTube as well.



When you become a member of this program, then it will be that this option will work with you because it is written next to it that if you are a member of this program then only this one will work with you.




Then after that you have to click on this option and click on OK I understand .



When you click on OK I understand, many contacts will come in front of you, here it will show the contacts that you came online and close ….



That is, any of thes Somebody will be online 18 minutes ago, some will be online 10 minutes ago, some will be online 2 minutes ago and some will be online now …



This way it will keep going up and down, you don’t have to panic. Because people from your contacts will keep coming online and going offline, then this application will keep telling you who was online how many minutes ago, how many seconds ago ….



In this way, if you are a member of the Beta tester program, then you can very easily know which of your contacts were online.



Hope you understand it was very simple very easy way and hope those who were looking for this setting then they must have also come to know about this application …


You will get the download link of this application in this article, from there you can download this application and know which of your contacts are online.