Wifi super cool setting update you should Know

Wifi super cool setting update you should Know


Hey Friends In this article I am going to tell you that super duper cool setting about Wifi…..



So friends, today this article is going to prove to be very helpful for you guys. In this article we are going to talk about WiFi setting. In this article I will tell you about a problem and a unique setting.



As we were talking about wifi setting, first of all I will tell you about wifi history, what is the setting of history, what is the problem….



Friends, it happens that if you use any WiFi in your mobile, like you are using it now, then it will be showing on your mobile, in this way wherever you go, you use the WiFi there, in this way …



Meaning that there are many WiFi which are shown in your mobile whether you have used this WiFi or you are using it.



Like wherever you go, when there is another WiFi connection, you connect your mobile to it, then that WiFi is not connected on your mobile, now why is it because of your WiFi history ….


So you can fix with this problem very easily.Dear, you have to click on an additional setting in the WiFi option. Here you will get the option, Manage Save Network from which you have to click on it….



Here you will get all the details about your WiFi as much as the history you have on your mobile. Here you have to select delete saved network in an app option, here you have to forget network.



Whatever the history of today’s network will be cleared here, so that your problem will be fixed. So this is the problem, if you will clear the history of this, after that you can add the new WiFi which is there.



Now let’s talk about that other feature, which is very amazing, about the setting that I told you to tell.



So first of all, to turn on the setting by speed mode, we have to first go to the Wifi section. Then here we will get additional setting, you have to click on it …



If we click on it, then we will get the option of WiFi Speed ​​Mode here.



You have to activate it by clicking here …After clicking here, you will get two options here of Regular Mode and Extreme Mode. Here if you are on regular mode then you can take it to extreme mode …



If you father will do extreme mode then you will be using free mode by connecting to the answer wifi. the background appliction like whatsapp… The DJ feature will automatically download your file and update your apps.



So all this will be a problem due to which you will not be able to use the internet. So if you put it on extreme mode then you will be able to do the same thing with you on wifi or whatever you are using on your own.



Sometimes you must have noticed that as soon as you connect your phone to WiFi, your internet speed increases. If something is downloaded automatically, then all this happens because of this setting.



If you put here on extreme mode then you will get very good wifi speed … So your automatic application will not be downloaded in the background.



So you can also enable this setting which is quite an amazing setting. So in this article I was going to talk about these two setting which are very useful and very amazing setting.


So if you use this setting, then it will benefit you and save time.



And your device will be able to use WiFi internet very well …



So you will definitely try this setting, you will also regret a lot.

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